About Us

Pocket Wolf Studio produces and sells wall map art of popular destinations in Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba and beyond.  Our map products are intended to be both educational and decorative. All production and printing in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Pocket Wolf Studio

Unique Canadian Map Art

Be Informed ~ Stay Inspired ~ Go Explore


Meet the Designer

Gary Worrall has been fascinated by maps for as long as he can remember.  Even as a young man he would spend countless hours studying maps, the landscapes they represented and the wonder of places yet to be explored.  Maps have always been a part of Gary’s life, from studying Forestry at Lakehead University, to conducting lake surveys and creating bathometric maps while employed with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in the 1970s.

In 1979, Gary’s love of the outdoors (and above all else), meeting the woman he would marry led him to settle down in the Red Lake District where he worked in the gold mines and later in the tourism industry as owner – operator of Nungesser Lake Lodge.  Even so, maps were never far from his mind and in the 1990s he began creating maps once again, using computer-aided design this time to create what would become the Explorer map series of popular fishing lakes in Northwestern Ontario.  Later, Gary would go on to found Red Lake Digital Media Inc – a graphic design company and along with his wife Penny to establish the Northern Sun News newspaper before moving to Manitoba in 2019.

Now Gary has returned to his roots with the launch of Pocket Wolf Studio, a company offering unique Canadian map art of popular destinations in Ontario and Manitoba.  Each map is crafted by hand and the result of hundreds of hours of research and exploration of the landscapes they represent.   

Gary Worrall and Pocket Wolf Studio invite you to BE INFORMED, to STAY INSPIRED and above all to GO EXPLORE the world around you.